Guided Tax Trek

Astute tax advice can be the difference between a robust financial plan and a plan build on sand. The JAG Guided Tax Trek is ideal for anyone that wants to keep as much of their hard-earned wealth as possible. We help find sound tax investments, tax-deferred savings accounts and distribution strategies for your situation – avoiding any pitfalls along the way.

  • Joseph A. Grutta is an Enrolled Agent, permitting him to offer professional tax advice to his clients.
  • Your current tax preparer can work with JAG to save you time and money through integrated tax planning.

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Your Personal Financial Survival Plan

This multi-meeting process is designed to build a complete picture of your finances, and establish how each element affects the others. The result is a tailored action plan focusing on your future financial stability.

  • Over 27 years of financial planning experience – from tax advice to income distribution planning.
  • Explain which areas you want to focus on, and we’ll create a targeted plan.

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Early Income Distributions for Pre-retirees

If you’re younger than 59 ½ and want to take money out of your retirement savings accounts (such as 401k, TSA, 403(b), 457 or IRA) – you may get a nasty surprise. By default, the IRS wants an additional 10% of that money. However, JAG can help you avoid this penalty through legitimate – but often missed – IRS regulations.

  • Get access to more of your hard-earned savings.
  • We’ll help you map your overall retirement plan if needed.

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Social Security Optimization

For most people, Social Security benefits make up part of a comfortable retirement plan. But many people don’t make the most of these benefits. We’ll work out the optimum time for you to start claiming your benefits and how to use them wisely in your retirement.

  • Maximize your additional income from Social Security benefits.
  • Avoid additional taxes or lost benefits due to poorly timed claims.

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Retirement Planning

Do you worry that your savings might not be sufficient to help you live well in retirement? Through a few short meetings, we’ll create personalized projections that will help you plan for a secure future. The fee for this service also covers future updates and changes for the first year. These changes help you keep your plan accurate and on-track

  • Many of Joseph’s clients are soon to retire, or recently retired professionals.
  • Any tax, investment and insurance issues are factored in to your retirement plan.

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Estate Planning

Proper planning is critical for protecting your assets. We will discuss the use of wills, trusts, and other legal documents and will work with you and your attorney to avoid probate, unnecessary taxation, and other pitfalls that could interfere with or diminish your estate.

  • Joseph offers expert advice on the tax implications of any and all assets – with hands on, personal experience handling and closing family estates.

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If you’re like many people, you may not feel comfortable handling investments yourself. After all, there is always risk involved. If so, you may prefer letting us handle your securities and investments. From simple buying or selling of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, to consolidating several accounts into one, to educating you on your portfolio holdings – we help your money work harder for you.

  • A Series 7 Registered Representative and general securities license means Joseph is permitted to offer investment selection.
  • All investment advice is based on sound risk aversion strategies – but like all financial investments there is risk involved.

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Investment Management

Do you want a thriving stocks and investment portfolio? Annual, semi-annual, or quarterly meetings keep you current with your investments and market conditions. The fee for this service is based on the value of the assets under management. This means our compensation is based on the performance of your investments and not on commissions so our goal is to continually strive to improve your portfolio. Of course past performance cannot guarantee positive future results.

  • Totally independent, Joseph can partner with highly qualified money managers to develop robust investment models for your money.
  • Joseph’s Series 65 FINRA license allows him to offer advisory services.

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Is your retirement fund still tied up with your previous employers? If so, that may not be the most efficient use of your money. We will help you roll those funds over to a self-directed IRA. You then can choose from any number of stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other investments to better diversify your portfolio.

  • Joseph A. Grutta is an Enrolled Agent, permitting him to offer professional tax advice to his clients.
  • Expect independent advice based on what suits you best.

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Unexpected events happen to everyone. But you can reduce the impact on your family with comprehensive insurance provision. We’ll review your current policies, including life, disability, long term care, and annuities – every part of a modern insurance portfolio that can help protect you in the event of the unexpected.

  • Receive the benefit of over 27 years of insurance planning experience.
  • Joseph is licensed in multiple states as an insurance agent.

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Small Business Finance Backpack

Cash flow, tax, legislation, business plans – all of these issues make owning a small business tough for even the most resourceful entrepreneurs. JAG Financial draws on over 27 years’ first-hand experience of all aspects of running a business. Together, we’ll draft strategies that target everything from tax expenditure to cash flow planning.

  • Joseph has run several successful small businesses and has been a consultant to small businesses since 1983.
  • Advice is based on personal experience, rigorous tax, financial law and insurance knowledge.

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